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JumpFund doubles capital with second round of investments

Dave Flessner July 27, 2018 | “One of the first all-female venture capital funds in the South has raised another $5.2 million for investments in women-headed companies.” More.


Capital On-Tap, REZLI Software Platform Serves Career Needs of Interactive Gamers and Others

Milt Capps November 16, 2015 | “REZLI, the software program created by a Chattanooga startup that previously produced tournaments, will now focus on supporting interactive gamers and others who are building personal career networks and pursuing jobs they prize.” More.


Seeking A Female Investor? Start By Doing Your Research.

Kelly Hoey November 7, 2015 | “Wondering how to meet the elusive female investor for your early-stage venture? Here’s a resource list of networking groups, blogs and Twitter handles (peppered with seasoned advice from entrepreneurs and investors) to help you find the investor you’re looking for.” More.


What’s Gender Bias Got To Do With It? Almost Everything For Women Seeking Venture Funding

Lucienne Ide October 2, 2015 | “On the heels of a recent announcement that a new Atlanta venture fund has been created specifically to fund women-owned startup businesses, it made me think, ‘Why haven’t we moved the needle more in funding women-owned early-stage companies? And, do we still need venture funds whose specific mission is to provide capital to women only?’ The answer, apparently, is a resounding yes.” More.

List of Female Angel and Early-Stage Investors in Tech

Mackenzie Burnett July 9, 2015 | “Researching all these individuals and their experiences, I felt like I was reading about the superheroes of the tech startup world.” More.

Tiffanie Robinson Wants to Turn Chattanooga Into the Next Silicon Valley

Ellie Kaufman July 2, 2015 | “Chattanooga is a mid-sized city that is innovating and growing through collaboration. We don’t have the same history and density as a place like Silicon Valley, but we’re building our own history and doing things other cities aren’t.” More.