Where are the Women?

The JumpFund provides necessary capital for women entrepreneurs to ignite growth ventures throughout the Southeast. Since our official launch in 2013, The JumpFund has already changed the conversation in our regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and exponentially increased investment in female entrepreneurs and gender diverse teams


Women Investing in Women 

A Gender Lens


Just four years since our inception, we know: 

  • Women-led companies are outperforming male-led founding teams in venture capital portfolios. - Forbes

  • Less than 3% of venture capital goes toward women-led startups nationally and only 6% of early-stage investment in the Southeast is made in gender diverse leadership teams. - Wharton Business School

  • From an economic standpoint, women are an untapped market of potential entrepreneurs that make over 85% of the consumer purchasing decisions (including healthcare) and represent 60% of those with advanced degrees. - Babson College 

  • Chattanooga and the southeast region has become a more attractive hub for entrepreneurs due to its focus on and investment in women-led companies. - Wallethub

  • Women are becoming more engaged as angel and venture capital investors and are making a difference in the growth and success of women-led ventures. - Harvard Business Review