Interested in pitching to the JumpFund?  Please read our criteria below carefully before choosing to apply. We prefer to have some knowledge of your company before you apply, so it's always good to contact us first before beginning the process. 


The JumpFund considers investments in early-stage, high growth ventures which are:


  • Female-led, at least one woman in a C-level role with significant equity in the company.

  • Located in the southeastern United States.

  • Led by strong, diverse teams ideally with experience in their industry sector.

  • Established LLC or C-Corporations with a strong business model and exit strategy.  

  • Ability to scale rapidly in excess of $20 million and achieve strong returns for investors. 


If you feel your company fits the above description, follow this link to our application platform on Proseeder here.


Not ready to jump in?  Apply for the Upstart accelerator, a women-focused early-stage venture program in Memphis, TN. The JumpFund partners with Start.Co to provide coaching, pitch preparation, and seed funding to companies participating the Upstart accelerator program.