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TransOMIC Technologies makes and distributes functional genomics tools that allow researchers to understand how genes work and how they relate to diseases and advance drug discovery.

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Gwen D. Fewell, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Gwen has over 10 years' experience in startup and biotechnology companies in the life science research market and is a domain expert in both the technologies and market dynamics. Most recently, Gwen led global product marketing of the RNAi and Gene Expression portfolio at Thermo Scientific Genomics. Prior to the acquisition of Open Biosystems, Gwen was Director of Product Marketing. Her responsibilities included oversight of product management and marketing teams with responsibility for commercializing several new products, including the first vector-based RNAi whole genome product on the market. Prior to Open Biosystems, Gwen was a senior scientist at Sigma Genosys in the gene expression analysis division. Gwen earned a PhD as a Neuroscience fellow at Florida State University and performed postdoctoral studies at Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati exploring the genetic role of homeobox genes in brain development and later worked on the genetics of pediatric medulloblastomas in the Department of NeuroOncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.