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Utilize Health delivers digital tools and concierge services where patients can discover treatment options and search for facilities that provide those services. By engaging patients to be active partners in their health and directing them to the best care options, patients will experience improved health and reduced cost of care.

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Jessica Harthcock, Founder & CEO

Jessica Harthcock is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Utilize Health. Utilize Health was born out of personal experience. Jessica was paralyzed at age 17 and spent years traveling in search of highly specialized rehabilitation treatments that eventually helped her learn to walk again. After experiencing difficulties finding resources and therapies, Jessica vowed to create a tool and service that could help other patients find the resources they needed without wasting time, energy and financial resources. Thus, Utilize Health was born.

Jessica has always been attracted to entrepreneurial activities. At 18 years of age, she co-founded Good Life And Healthy Mind (GLAHM) Camp, a beauty and self-esteem building boot camp for girls with neurological disabilities. Jessica remains active in her community, volunteering for Shriners and sitting on the Board of Directors of United Spinal of Tennessee. She is also a member of Leadership Health Care in Nashville. Jessica received her B.A. from Louisiana State University and her M.Ed. with a focus in Organizational Leadership from Vanderbilt University.

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