Women Investing in Women

Women are highly active in the philanthropic world, giving millions of dollars each year, but they account for only a small percentage of the world’s angel investors.  This speaks volumes about the power of a woman’s purse and the opportunity to engage more women as active investors in for-profit ventures.

The JumpFund seeks and recruits women interested in investing their dollars in early-stage, high-growth ventures led by women. Harnessing our collective capital, we can make a substantial impact on the future of women-led businesses and invest in untapped opportunities in this high risk, high reward market.  


As a member of Global Impact Investing Network, GIIN, The JumpFund is invested in deepening our engagement with the impact investing industry. The GIIN network is a reflection of the diverse community we serve. This network drives conversation and actions to advance the impact investing industry. 

The JumpFund’s encourages more women to become angel investors and positively affect the dismal gender ratio in this asset class by supporting women-led companies. With over 80+ investors, both women and a few good men, through the southeast region and as far away as Denver, Colorado, we are contributing to the growing number of women-led firms and investment groups focused on early-stage investing.

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