Welcome to The JumpFund

Women Investing in Women.

Sevetri Wilson, Resilia CEO


In 2013, we recognized a huge opportunity: 

Less than 3% of venture capital in the Southeast U.S. is allocated toward women-led companies. Yet, companies with at least one female founder on their team perform 63% better than all-male founded teams (First Round Capital, 2015).

We also realized that women's capital was not being fully utilized in the Southeast. So, for our first fund, we only sought investment from woman investors.


Women now represent almost 25% of all angel investors (Angel Capital Association), and 83% of The JumpFund's investors across two funds.


We invest in women-led companies headquartered in the Southeast U.S., specifically in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia.


All of our portfolio companies share two things in common—each are led by aspirational women entrepreneurs and founded in the Southeast.